Nilgiri : An Amazing Kingdom of Cloud in Bangladesh

If you love nature as well as adventure, then Nilgiri must be the first choice in your place of interest to travel. It must be said that, Nilgiri is one of the most amazing places to explore in Bandarban. Just imagine!!! White clouds are playing around you on the top of the hill and you are touching the clouds with your hands. You will be mesmerized by the sight of rows of clouds falling from the top of the Nilgiri. What is not in the Nilgiri! Nature seems to be sitting on the chest of the Nilgiris with all its beauty. Yes!!! Nilgiri is this much beautiful.

Bandarban is called the Darjeeling of Bangladesh because of the spectacular beauty of Nilgiri. However, to be honest, Nilgiri is thousand times ahead of Darjeeling in beauty. Nilgiri enchants the tourists with her lush horizon of green hills and clouds. If the sky is clear from the top of the Nilgiris along with the mountain range, you will see Bagalek, Keokradong hills, Chittagong port including Cox's Bazar beach and Sangu river.

Nilgiri matches its form in all seasons throughout the year. This beautiful mountain decorates herself with different forms at different times. You will be amazed to see sunrise playing with the raft of clouds in the morning. The enchanting atmosphere of the afternoon, sunset or moonlit night in the green forest of the mountains will make you fascinated.

There is an aesthetically pleasing walkway to the top of the Nilgiris. At the top of the Nilgiris there is a fascinating tourist center run by the army. From here you can easily visualize the true nature of Nilgiris.

Best Time to Visit Nilgiri

Basically, Nilgiri holds its beauty all year round. So you can visit anytime which is preferable to you. But if you want to experience the hide and seek game of the lovely clouds, then you have to visit here in the rainy season, Autumn or Late-Autumn. In order to be a witness of this enchanting atmosphere, you have to go to Nilgiri very early in the morning.

If you visit Nilgiri in the Autumn or Late-Autumn, the white clouds must be fascinate you with its unearthly beauty. In autumn, the clouds of the blue sky and the green trees in the mountains merge into one. In winter, you will be a witness of another memorable scene as the mountain is wrapped with the shade of fog.  Clouds merge with winter fog to create moments of unearthly beauty.

The craftsmanship of nature here spreads boundless fascination in everyone's heart. The rain and thunder of the clouds in the sky as well as the smiling light rays of the rainbow, rhythm of the wind and the diversified scenes of different seasons of nature are most appealing to the tourists. The mesmerizing scenery of the Sangu River, which flows through small hills, attracts everyone.

Some Topmost Tourist Destinations near Nilgiri

Shoilo Propat

How do you go to the land of mountains and waterfalls but do not go to Shoilo Propat (the cliffs)? Shoilo Propat is a bonus sight on a trip to Nilgiri. The location of this amazing waterfall is on Thanchi road, 4 km away from Bandarban city. On the way to Nilgiri, the location of this waterfall can be easily reached. You can stop the car on the side of the road and walk in this wonderful gift of nature. This unique waterfall fascinates and amazes the visitors.

In the rainy season, its form is terribly beautiful. In the rainy season, the speed of the stream doubles. Although the view of this waterfall is eye-catching during the rainy season, it becomes difficult to get down to the waterfall due to the speed of the current. Due to the location of the cliff on the side of the road, the waterfall is full of domestic and foreign tourists for most of the year. . The waterfall is a wonderful creation of natural beauty. The icy water of the fountain is always flowing here. The stream of water from this fountain is very clear and icy.

You can also have a picnic here to see the mountains, waterfalls and rural life. Next to the fountain is an ideal environment for picnics.

Village of an Indigenous Community

There is an indigenous community called Bam living on the shores of inaccessible hills. Here one can actually witness their struggling life. Next to the fountain are small shops selling hand-made clothes and various utensils of the tribal girls. The Bum tribe sells hand-woven sheets, mufflers, bed sheets, cane and bamboo utensils. These can be purchased as souvenirs. Besides, you can easily taste the various seasonal fruits produced by Bam. Apart from the Bam tribe, a few villages have been formed due to the use of water from this spring. The water of this spring is the only source of drinking water for the local people. They also use cliff water for household purposes.

Milanchari Hillside Resort

Milanchari resort is located at 3 km southeast of Bandarban town on its way to Nilgiri and Shailprapat waterfalls. The uninterrupted green plays from the resort and the mesmerizing Sangu river flowing in a spiraling motion through the bosom of green nature seem to bring indescribable happiness.

The resort is built in such a way that it does not look like an artificial house. It will feel like a habitat created by nature. The cottages are skillfully made of bamboo and wood, declaring unity with nature.

The cottages have been given the appearance of houses of different small ethnic groups. These nice cottages are built on the slopes of the hill which has created unearthly beauty. The names of the cottages are also quite beautiful. Some of them are named after birds, some of them are named after indigenous peoples. The cottage has been given a leaf canopy. And the ceiling and walls of the house have been skillfully wrapped with cooling. There is a net to protect from insects and mosquitoes.

The entire area of ​​the resort is covered with dense green trees. There is a combination of different types of trees in the surrounding dense forest. There are also bouquets of colorful flowers and alluring fragrance. Leaning on a leafy chair on the veranda of the cottage, you can get lost in the greenery by immersing yourself in the unobstructed beauty of the front.
So there is no comparison to this resort for a colorful holiday in the natural environment.

How to Go

There is no direct bus or train from Dhaka to reach Nilgiri. You have to come from Dhaka to Chittagong or Bandarban to go to Nilgiri. If you want to come by train, you have to come from Dhaka to Chittagong. From Baddarhat in Chittagong, two buses named Pubali and Purbani left for Bandarban. These two buses cost around BDT 200-250 per person. You can also come to Bandarban by different buses from Dampara bus stand in Chittagong.

If you want to go by bus, come directly to Bandarban from Dhaka. It will take 8-10 hours. The rent will be BDT 600-700 per person. From Bandarban you can go to Nilgiri by jeep, Mahendra, CNG or local bus.

Where to Stay

There are several army-run cottages in the Nilgiri for overnight staying. The names of these are also quite striking. The cottages named Meghdoot, Nilangana, Akashnila, Hetkara Raicha, Marma Raicha are not only beautiful in name but also have excellent facilities.

For the beautiful location of these cottages in the hills, you have to pay from BDT 4,000-10,000 per cottage per day.Those who like to travel frugally can stay in any hotel with all modern facilities in Bandarban city.

What to Eat

In Nilgiri tourist center, you will find a restaurant run by the army. If you want to eat from here, you must have to order before 4-5 hours. You will have to pay BDT 300-600 per person for food. You can eat after returning to the city of Bandarban also. If you do so, take some dry food from Bandarban when starting your journey towards NIlgiri. You will find some some popular hotels and restaurants in Bandarban city, who will offer you varieties of mouth-watering foods.

Hence, this is all about a short brief about Nilgiri. Hope this will be help you to plan your tour.

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