Sajek Valley | The Roof of Rangamati

Sajek valley is one of the wonderful tourist destinations in Bangladesh. This place is considered as the queen of hills and roof of Rangamati. No word is enough to define the beauty of Sajek Valley. The deep forest, grassland and hilly areas of Sajek Valley attract the tourists, adventure lovers and digital nomads. Thus, Sajek becomes one of the best choices among the travelers.

At the peak of the Sajek Valley, you will get a chance to touch passing clouds around you. This picturesque beauty will definitely make you feel the view of heaven on earth. You will notice the curvy hilly roads and small rivers among the hills which make you feel thrilling.

The local people of Sajek are very gentle and hospitable. Most of them are from different ethnic minorities. Mostly they are Chakma, Marma, and Tripura. They belong to maternal families. From the very starting of the journey, the Bangladeshi Army ensures the protection of the tourists. So there is no question about the security.

Now, if you want to see the beauty of Bangladesh, then you must have to visit Sajek valley before you die. A trip to Sajek valley may be one of the best trips in your life. So, take a break of at least two days and visit this amazing place of beautiful Bangladesh.

Location of Sajek Valley

Sajek, the biggest union of Bangladesh, is located in Baghaichhari Upazila of Rangamati district. Its size is 702 square miles. Tripura of India on the north, Longadu of Rangamati on the south, Mizoram of India on the east, Dighinala of Khagrachari on the west of Sajek.

Although Sajek is located in Rangamati district, due to good road communication, tourists visit here by Khagrachari district. Sajek is 70 km from Khagrachari district Sadar. Before entering here, you will see the village Ruilui Para, whose height is 1800 feet. Sajak will reach a short time from Ruilui Para.

Topmost Tourist Attractions

The Route of Sajek Valley

The most exciting part of your journey will be the route to Sajek Valley. The serpentine road through the hills is fascinating. In some places, these roads are too high on the hills. So when the vehicles start to go you up, you will feel like the lower part of your body is starting to disconnect from the upper part. After a while, when the vehicle goes down from the upper hill, you’ll experience exactly the opposite feeling. After continuing the ups and downs, you’ll arrive at Sajek Valley finally. This is the highest peak of Sajek and when you will see the natural beauty around you, you will definitely feel like this is the best shot of the entire path of your journey.

Sunset from the Helipad

You can enjoy the red glow of setting sun from the helipad on the valley. This is basically a time for relaxation to the tourists after a long thrilling journey. You will find lots of tourists here to enjoy this beauty of nature. Tourists generally are found as walking, gossiping, capturing snaps and so on. Even after sunset, you can pass time on the helipad. Tourists who travel with a group are often noticed gossiping and singing loudly here after sunset. For couples, walking on the plain roads or standing at the edge of the mountain for a long time will be more enjoyable.

Sunrise and Morning View in the Hills

After passing the night, you must have to get up early to perceive the wonderful sunrise from the clouds. When the sun comes out of the cloud completely and shines all over valley, this will make you feel a heavenly feeling. Just close your eyes, keep calm and quiet, take long breath and feel the whole wonder. You must think that life is beautiful.

Konglakpara Trekking

Immediately after experiencing the wonderful sunrise, you can go out to Konglakpara, living place of the local folks, to get introduced with the local people’s lifestyle. As Konglakpara is a nearby locality on Konglak Hill, you have to trek 30-40 minutes to reach the place. Konglak hill is not hard to trek and even if you have no previous experience of trekking, you can easily climb the hill. From Konglak hill you can see the scenery of India borders, the clouds, the surrounding hills, Sajek valley etc. There are some orange gardens in this hill. You can buy banana and papaya from the local people. They are cheap and delicious.

Sikam Toisa Water Fall Trekking

Sikam Toisa water fall is also known as Komlok Waterfall or Pidam Toisa Waterfall, which is really difficult to reach. You will find a steep hill road on the right side between Ruilui Para to Helipad road that leads to this waterfall. If you want to trek this waterfall, you have to trek very steep hill road; somewhere 80-85 degrees to reach to your destination. Inexperienced and bulky people are requested to avoid this waterfall because of high risk. But if you have experience of trekking hills and if you love to explore then this wonderful waterfall is for you.

Best Time to Visit Sajek Valley

Sajek has become tourists’ one of the best choices because of deep clouds and sudden rain on the valley. In this context, rainy season is the best time to visit here. You can visit at the beginning of June and end of September. But if you don't get free time in this period, you can visit anytime with your nearest and dearest one. The scenic view is also very beautiful; hopefully, you will enjoy a lot. The road is very slippery during the rainy season, so keep in mind during trekking. You can take a guide from Rui-Lui Para, will be worth about, BDT 300-350.

How to Go

Sajek valley is located at Rangamati but people like to visit Sajek via Khagrachari. Both A/C and non-A/C bus service is available from Dhaka to Khagrachari. The journey takes 7 hours. From Dhaka, you can go to Khagrachari by Shyamoli and Hanif Paribahan. Here, bus fare is around BDT 520. If you want to go to Dighinala directly by Shanti Paribahan then bus fare is around BDT 580. BRTC and Saint Martin Paribahan's AC buses are also available.

From Khagrachari you can reach Sajek through three ways- Jeep, CNG, and motorcycle. The most popular medium is to reserve a Jeep (local name is Chander Gari/car) from Khagrachari city. Its rent is around BDT 5,000. According to the size of the car, 10-15 people can sit easily.

Another option is to hire CNG instead of jeep. If people are small in number, then you can go to CNG from Khagrachari city. Rent of CNG is around BDT 3,000. You can also go there on a motorcycle. In this case, you will have to go from Khagrachari to Dighinala. Again from Dighinala, you will be able to visit Sajek on the motorcycle. Three people can sit with motorcycle driver. Here, you have to spend around BDT 1,500.

Where to Stay

Due to high tourists demand all over the year, Sajek valley is now full of hotels and resorts.  These hotels and resorts are controlled by Bangladesh army and Border Guard Bangladesh. You can find both cheap and expensive options to stay according to your budget. All of these hotels and resorts provide you the chance to enjoy wonderful picturesque beauty of this valley.

About Food

There are some signature foods that can be enjoyed by the tourists here. You will find some traditional restaurants here. They will serve you traditional foods of ethnic community. Some of delicious ethnic foods are- bamboo chicken, bamboo biriyani, green bamboo vuna, and even, bamboo tea are available here. Traditional Bangladeshi chickens and vegetables are available. Tourists can enjoy pork but don’t expect beef here. There are some halal restaurants for the Muslims. Cakes, biscuits and other snacks are a bit costly here. There are coffee shops here and they make coffee really nice. Tourist can enjoy the brewing coffee and recharge themselves for trekking hills.

Some Important Information

As there are some reports of some malaria cases, it’s wise to carry mosquito resistant lotions. As there is no supply of electricity here, tourists are suggested to carry power banks for their mobiles and extra battery for their cameras. Mobile network and 3G internet connections are also available here. Though the place is little bit expensive, hence, you will definitely be paid off by its enchanting beauty and resources.

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