Exploring Bandarban| The First Destination for Adventurous People

Bandarban has become the most attractive tourist destinations of Bangladesh because of its natural diversity. Almighty seems to have poured half the beauty of the world in Bandarban. It is a burden to find people who are not fascinated by the beauty of Bandarban. Those who prefer hills and hilly areas choose Bandarban for trekking. The enormity of the mountain reminds anyone of a piece of peace. Seeing the green ceremony, your mind will definitely get lost in another world.

Bandarban is not just a place of mountains. There are innumerable small and big khum. Khum is the word of the Marmas in their own language. The word khum means waterfall. There are innumerable small and big khum or waterfalls flowing along the mountain. If you want to enjoy the beauty of these waterfalls, you have to go some way by boat and some way by trekking on foot. Trekking here like other places but not an easy task at all. Sometimes you have to walk on a rocky road, sometimes on a sloping road, sometimes against the current of a small river. This walk will give you more joy than thrill. This is a very trivial matter for adventurous people. No fatigue to the thrill! When you stand in front of the khums while enjoying the thrill, all the fatigue will go away in an instant.

The beauty of Khum will instantly cool your heart. Those amazing beauty will remove all the hardness from your heart. By soaking your body in the water of Khum, you can take the happiness of heaven. The cool water will make you forget a lot of fatigue and make you intoxicated with endless joy. You don't even know how much time have passed while doing water sports. Water of Khum is unimaginably beautiful and clear. Your mind will be mesmerized when you will catch that unimaginable beauty with your own eyes.

Topmost Adventurous Tourist Attractions of Bandarban


Thanchi is the largest upazila of Bandarban district. Its area is 1020 square kilometers. It is named after a Marma word ‘Thain Chai’ which means place of rest. It is believed that in 1950 and earlier, passengers used to stop at this place for rest while traveling by water. So the Marmas used to call this place Thain Chai. This hilly place later came to be known as Thanchi from Than Chai. Thanchi upazila has 2 mosques, 2 temples, 31 Buddhist monasteries and 29 small and large churches. The impossibly beautiful river Sangu flows through the heart of Thanchi upazila. Apart from Sangu River, the biggest attraction here is the Remakri canal. You have to go through this canal to see the beauty of all the khum and springs of Thanchi upazila.


Remakri can be reached by boat from Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban. It takes about 3 hours. The boat trip from Thanchi to Remakri will fascinate. Two places always attract tourists while walking this route; Tindur and big stone or king stone place. The boat ride in the middle of the Sangu River is really amazing as the big rock gap melts. Again, if one goes on a trip to Amiyakhum, one can walk from Amiyakhum through Thuisa Para to Remakri. It will take about two hours.

Padma Jhiri

You have to come by boat from Thanchi to Padmamukh. You have to cross the rest of the path on foot. From Padmamukh you have to come to Padmajhiri in Thuisa Para. Crossing Padmajhiri in the rainy season is a huge thrill. At that time the canal had to be crossed with great difficulty by holding the rope as there was more water flow. For those who don't know how to swim, crossing Padmajhiri seems like crossing a horrible canal. However, it must be admitted that adventurous people will never want to miss this thrill.


Just imagine!! Magical streams are coming down through the rocks and mountains. Spreading milky white foam, it continues to shrink, rubbing against the stone. A magical melody is being created the sound of waves of endless streams. This is exactly the view you will find in the Amiyakhum waterfall, which is formed by climbing the hill.

The beauty of Amiyakhum is so vast that it is called the paradise of Bangladesh. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bangladesh. Amiyakhum Falls is located in Nakshiyang area of ​​Thanchi upazila in Bandarban, near the Bangladesh-Myanmar border.


Nafakhum Falls is originated from Sangu River. The mountain river starts from Sangu and falls to 25-30 feet below. It is the largest waterfall in Bangladesh in terms of size. Its size becomes highest during the monsoon season and becomes very weak in winter. You will never know when you will get lost in the nature while sitting at the bottom of the falling stream of Nafakhum and playing water sports.

The hill people sit behind Nafakhum and catch fish. A type of flying fish called Nating is found in this waterfall. Pushing upstream, the natting fish is interrupted in Nafakhum. After jumping to cross this waterfall, he fell into a small cave inside the waterfall. From there the local hills easily catch fish.

Saat Bhai Khum

This Saat Bhai Khum is located a little away from Amiyakhum. A short walk down the hill from the Amiyakhum waterfall is the beginning of the Saat Bhai Khum region. However, if you want to enjoy the real beauty of this waterfall, you have to go by raft for one hour. In this one hour, you can go through the rocky canal and enjoy the beauty of the hill. Seeing its clear water will add life in an instant.


The name implies that it is related to Vela (one type of small boat made by banana tree). Like Saat Bhai Khum, Velakhum also has to be traveled by raft. There is a fountain in Velakhum, known as Naikshyamukh. You must be a little careful when exploring this beautiful place because there is more fear of catching leeches in damp places.

Ultimate Tour Plan for Your Adventurous Tour

Bandarban is a remote hilly region. Communication system is very fragile here. Most of the time, you have to travel to these areas on foot or by boat. Let's see how to get to Bandarban.

You have to come to Bandarban by bus from Dhaka. Non AC bus fare is BDT650 per person. You have to go Thanchi Upazila from Bandarban Sadar in two ways; either by chander gaari (jeep) or by bus. If you are travelling in a large group, it would be better to go Thanchi by chander gaari. The rent will be BDT4000-5000. In fact, the bus fare will be only BDT200 per person.

After reaching Thanchi, your first task is to fix the tour guide. It is better to say that, this guide will go with you from Thanchi to Thuisa Para. From Thuisa Ayara, the first guide will fix another guide for you. The second guide will guide you the rest of the waterfalls including Remakri, Amiyakhum. Take the whole trip with the first person as a package. The whole package will cost BDT 6000-8000.

After fixing guide, you have to hire a boat to reach Padmamukh. The rent will be BDT800-1000. About 5-6 people can get on a boat. After reaching Padmamukh, your next destination will be Padmajhiri and then Thuisa Para. This whole road, from Padmamukh to Thuisa Para, you have to come by trekking. It may take around 4 to 6 hours.

Here in Thuisa Para, you have to stay at Machang, which are basically the local houses of the tribals on the top of the hills. The cost of staying in Machang will be BDT100-150 per person. You will get food from the owner of the Machang you are staying in. You have to spend BDT100-120 per person in food purpose. You will have to get up very early in the morning and leave for Amiyakhum. It will take about two to two and a half hours to come from Thuisa Para to Amiyakhum by trekking.

Next to Amiyakhum are Satvaikhum and Velakhum. You have to go back to Thuisa Para at night by boat and trekking all day. In the next morning, you will have to start walking for Nafakhum from Thuisa Para. It will take about two hours. After enjoying the beauty of Nafakhum, you will have to move for Remakri Bazaar. It will take about two hours to arrive at Remakri Bazaar. There are many beautiful little cottages available in Remakri market. Rent of those beautiful tiny cottages will be around BDT100 per person. Get up in one cottage, freshen up and go straight to the Remakri fountain. This amazing fountain is very close to Remakri market. Spend the rest of the day here and rest back in the cottage.

The next morning fix your boat for Thanchi from Remakri Bazaar. The rent will be BDT1800-2000. This last time boat trip will take away all the fatigues of the whole trip. After coming back to Thanchi, you will have to come back to Bandarban by bus or Chander Gaari as before. You have to return from Bandarban to Dhaka finally.

About Food

You can eat at Thuisa Para. Forest rooster, pulses and rice will cost around BDT 100-150. You can also eat at Remakri Bazaar. There will be no food arrangements while trekking. So keep dry food with you. A variety of hill fruits can also be seen. Don't eat those if you don't know them properly. You will find elephant apples when climbing the hill. To remember the thrill, don't forget to eat those elephant apples.

Some More Information

·         The real beauty of the waterfalls can be seen in the rainy season. However, trekking in rainy season is the most dangerous and difficult task. Rain can come in a hurry while trekking. So it would be wise to keep a rain coat. However, make sure that the raincoat is thin. Otherwise, your trekking will become more difficult.

·         When it rains, the mountain roads are very slippery. You have to step forward carefully. A little carelessness can lead to big accidents.

·         Be aware of mountain leeches. They are more dangerous than poisonous snakes. Once bitten, the bleeding will not stop for a long time. Wear white long socks on your legs to avoid leech.

·         Those who do not know how to swim must wear a life jacket. Some canals and rivers have a lot of water. These have to be swum or crossed by rope.

·         There are many small cut down trees in the hill forest. These can be cut off if inadvertently touched. So always keep it with first aid. Don't forget to take medicine for fever, headache and pain. These will be very useful.

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