Become One with Nature on a Trip to Rangamati

Rangamati is one of most beautiful hilly areas of Bangladesh. To explore the natural beauty of Rangamati, a huge number of travelers come to visit here every year. There are lots of tourist spots to visit in this magnificent land. If you want to escape in nature then you must have to visit this amazing place of Bangladesh. Let’s have a deep look into the tourist spots of Rangamati which will definitely helpful for you to enjoy your tour more closely.

A Brief Idea about Rangamati

Rangamati is a small town of Chittagong division and is just 77km away from Chittagong town. It is bordered by the Tripura state of India to the north, Bandarban District to the south, Mizoram State of India and Chin State of Myanmar to the east, and Khagrachari and Chittagong Districts to the west.

Although Rangamati is a tiny city, the district is actually the biggest in Bangladesh. The beauty of the hilly areas, lake and extensive greeneries will give you an amazing feeling to become one with nature. In addition, the culture and diverse tradition will give you a chance of exciting experiences as you can meet with the tribal villages.

Topmost Tourist Attractions of Rangamati

As Rangamati is a huge district, you have to enjoy a discrete journey instead of a continuous journey. The tourist spots are basically spread between Rangamati town and Kaptai Upazilla. In Rangamati city, you will find various parks and resorts which are very aesthetic. These parks and resorts are basically linked with kaptai lake and provide you an infinite lake view which is amazing.

If you want to escape yourself into nature then you must have to visit Kaptai upazilla, where you can behold the core natural beauty of Rangamati. The trail roads of hilly areas, view of Kaptai lake from the pick of hills and beauty of Sangu river will make you fascinated. Moreover, you can observe the tribal lifestyle very closely from Kaptai.

Let’s get a brief idea regarding the topmost tourist attractions you should not to miss!!!

Kaptai Lake

Kaptai Lake is the largest artificial lake of Bangladesh, created for hydroelectricity in the year 1960. This lake is located in the Kaptai Upazila under Rangamati District. It will make you wonder to hear that, the average depth of this is 100 feet and maximum depth is 490 feet. The lake is dotted with islands, which creates unquestionably beautiful scenario of forested mountains and highland climb from within the water. A boat trip across Kaptai lake is an amazing way to spend a day out here.

Hanging Bridge

As the name suggests, this bridge is hanging on top of Kaptai lake and creates the link way of this lake. The total height of this bridge is 335 feet. This bridge is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Rangamati as this is the landmark icon of Rangamati. Hanging bridge is also called "Jhulonto Bridge" by local people.

Kaptai National Park

If you are a nature lover then this park is only for you because Kaptai National Park is a safe and sanctuary for birds and other wildlife. You will find plenty of old trees which were planted in 1873 as well as different wildlife like elephant, deer, jungle cats, numerous species of birds and so on in this national park. For more enjoyment of the tourists, the Forest Division has established picnic spots and restaurants in this park. 

Shuvolong Waterfalls

Shuvolong is a place located in Barkal upazilla of Rangamati District. This area is fall in with numerous waterfalls along with country’s largest waterfall falling from as high as 300 feet. The picturesque beauty of the waterfalls makes this place as one of the popular tourist destinations of Rangamati. You can easily visit to Shuvolong by hiring a speed boat or motor boat from Rangamati.

Furomon Hill

One of the most beautiful places you can ever visit in your Rangamati tour is Furomon hill. As the height of Furomon Hill is more than 1.5 thousand feet, you can enjoy the view of entire Rangamati city, Kaptai Lake, mountains of Barkal from the peak of this hill. After breathing in the fresh air, seeing the trees and bushes and most amazingly seeing the sky covering with clouds, will definitely melt your heart.

The Ultimate Travel Plan for Your Tour to Rangamati

As you already have an idea about the tourist destinations of Rangamati, this tour plan will help you to make your travelling more organized. You can modify this plan according to your convenience.

Let’s begin!!!

  • A day long boat journey at Kaptai Lake can be the starting of your Rangamati tour. You can hire a boat in the early morning from the Hanging Bridge area and enjoy an amazing boat journey at the 11,000 square kilometer enormous lake.
  • Kayaking at Kaptai lake has become a new trend among the tourists. To the travelers, kayaking facility has got a new meaning of travelling to Kaptai lake. So, if you love adventure and have enongh confidence then you should go for kayaking in Kaptai lake.
  • Don’t miss to visit at Shuvolong. Apart from the Shuvolong waterfalls, you will find so many small waterfalls here. You can notice those waterfalls from the lake. When visiting Shuvolong waterfalls, don’t miss to visit Shuvolong Hill as this is just a small hill having about 1,800 feet height. From the top of the hill, you can experience a fantastic beauty as you can see almost the entire Shuvolong part of the Kaptai lake from here.
  • You can also visit a gigantic Buddha statue on the way to Shuvolong. You can make a stoppage here and check this beautiful temple. You can also visit the tribal villages and the local market in Shuvolong.
  • Finally, you must have to go for the ever serene Sajek. Without visiting Sajek, your tour will be incomplete. Sajek is the best place for relaxation. Instead of seeing so many new things and places, you should sit and enjoy the ever serene beauty of Sajek Valley.
  • Apart from these activities, you can visit to Chakma Rajbari, the historical landmark as well as the Rajaban Bihar, which is also a great place to visit.
  • Camping beside the Sangu river is getting popular day by day. You will find several parks near Sangu river who will arrange camping for you.

How to Go

You can get to Rangamati from Dhaka via direct bus service. Both A/C and Non-A/C bus is available. It will take around 7-8 hours to reach Rangamati city from Dhaka. From Rangamati city, you can go to Kaptai upazilla by local CNG autorickshaw.

Furthermore, you can reach Rangamati through Chittagong route. Here you can go by train or bus or by air. From Chittagong you can reserve CNG autorickshaw and move to Kaptai directly. It will take 2 to 3 hours.

Where to Stay

You will find very few luxurious hotels in both Rangamati town and Kaptai upazilla. As well as various luxurious resorts you will find several 3 star hotels in Rangamati town. In Kaptai Upazilla, you will find a number of lavish resorts which are managed by Bangladesh Army. Mostly, there are various mediocre options available for the tourists in Rangamati. These modest hotels and resorts will offer you well decorated accommodations, good security, excellent room service and hot and cold water facilities for the tourists.

About Food

You will find some traditional restaurants in Rangamati. You can enjoy their signature dishes. In one word we would say those dishes are nothing but mouth-watering. Bamboo chicken, bamboo biriyani and even bamboo tea are some popular ethnic dishes of Rangamati. You can enjoy fresh fish of Kaptai and Sangu river. Those are amazing. Moreover, the local fruits will make you fascinated. Local pineapple and green coconut are the most tasty fruits in Rangamati. Traditional Bangladeshi items are also available in their menu. There is a little number of halal restaurants for Muslim tourists also.

Some Important Information

The tribe of Chakma is very conservative and leads a very peaceful life. So, kindly avoid any types of actions that might disrupt the peace and tranquility of the environment. After all, we should keep in mind that, we are guests in their lands.

So, this is all about a short brief of Rangamati. Hope this will helpful for your tour.

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