Exploring Sunamganj | A Huge Combination of Natural Beauty

Sunamganj district is adorned with a huge collection of natural beauty in the northeast of Bangladesh. Sunamganj is basically a small district which acts as a gateway to the haors (wetlands) of the region, located at approximately 70km west of Sylhet. This district of Bhati region is a place for travelers with innumerable landscapes. You will find immense beauty of artistic craftsmanship in every single place of Sunamganj.

Almighty has been filled Sunamganj with tones of natural beauties. In winter, the beauty of Sunamganj becomes doubled by the arrival of innumerable migrant winter birds. These winter birds stay here from midwinter through the end of March or April. In this period, you will find varieties of rails, raptors, ducks, sandpipers and other species congregate on these wetlands with numerous species of local birds. You will be mesmerized by the chirping of countless birds and the beautiful natural environment.

Sunamganj has become a topmost tourist destination of Bangladesh not only for the natural environment, but also for the memory of the Lauder kingdom. This place will give you an opportunity to visualize the history. Let’s have a look on the most notable tourist spots of Sunamganj from where you can enjoy the enchanting natural sceneries as well as the historical places.

Topmost Tourist Attractions of Sunamganj

Tanguar Haor

When the name Sunamganj comes up in tourism, the image that floats in front of the eyes is Tanguar Haor. This haor is located in the foothills of the state of Meghalaya. The huge amount of water in the haor makes you forget for a moment the fatigue of a hundred years. Overnight staying in the middle of the haor by boat will be a wonderful experience.

Tanguar Haor has water forests like Ratargul in Sylhet. Although this haor is small in size, this beauty is not less in any part. You will find a high watch tower next to the water forest. From here you can get a chance to see the real beauty of Tanguar Haor. You can feel a pure joyous moment when you will see the sky, the mountains and the haor seem to have merged into one. A remarkable feature of the haor is that the color of the water at Tekerghat becomes clear and blue.

Jadukata River

In Bengali, the word ‘Jadukata’ means magical. Looking at the river creates an impossible magic and magic pull. The clear water of this magical river, the reflection of the blue sky and the beautiful canvas of the green mountains will fascinate anyone.

Barek Tila

Barek Tila or Barikka Tila is a wonderful place of interest in Sunamganj. This tila (small hill) is located on the other side of the Jadukata river. The beauty of the view from Barek Tila can’t be described in one word. If you look at the magical river from the top of the hill, you will think that there is a stream flowing in the sky. It is thrilling to see the dazzling scenery from the top of Tiller. You will found the mountains of Meghalaya on one side of the small hill and the extremely beautiful Jadukata river on the other.

Shimul Garden

There is a huge garden of three thousand shimul trees on the bank of the river. Long rows of huge trees are enough to bring peace of mind. In the month of Falgun, red shimul flowers are scattered on the trees. Shimul's reddish beauty can be seen in this one month of the year. However, the greenery of winter will not disappoint you at all.

Shaheed Siraj Lake or Niladri

Shaheed Siraj Lake or Niladri, known as the Kashmir of Bengal, is located just 15km from the Shimul garden. The Niladri, which is made up of a combination of beautiful blue water, small and big hills and mountains, is no less than Kashmir. The unearthly beauty of this lake cannot be imagined without seeing it with the naked eye. The magic of nature fascinates the blue water of this daughter.

Lakma Charra

Lakma charra (small fountain) is located next to Niladri. The origin of Lakma charra is in Meghalaya, India. Boarder Guard Bangladesh (BGB) will not allow you to rise on the top of the fountain. So you have to be satisfied by observing the beauty from the bottom of the charra.

Shonir Haor

Another place of interest in Tahirpur Upazila is Shonir Haor. The haor takes the shape of the sea only when it rains a little in the rainy season. Small waves became deadly in the rainy season. The sound of waves in Shonir haor is sweeter than the sound of anklets. There is plenty of water on the horizon with its amazing beauty.

Dolura Monument

The tombs of the heroic children who were martyred in the liberation war of 1971 are at Dolura in Sunamganj. To see this monument across the border, you can cross the ferry from Nabinagar and come by rickshaw or tempo from Haluaghat.

Sunamganj Heritage Museum

Sunamganj Heritage Museum is located in Sunamganj Sadar. Its location is in front of the old court. You can walk here from the bus stand. The history and heritage of Sunamganj can be visited here.

House of Poet Hason Raja

In Sunamganj there is a mystical poet named Hason Raja. A zamindar's house is intertwined with the memory of the poet because from that place he has written hundreds of worldly songs and poems.

The Ultimate Tour Plan for You

It takes at least two days to get a closer look at the full form of the magical Sunamganj in the busy crowd. There is nothing to be disappointed about those who can't find time in two days. It is possible to visit many spots in a day trip to Sunamganj. Separate tour plans are given for one day and two days-

Tour Plan for Two Days

You have to take a bus directly from Dhaka's Sayedabad bus terminal to Sunamganj. You will find both AC and Non AC direct bus for this route. If you get on the bus at 10 pm, you will reach Sunamganj at 8 am. Get down at Sunamganj bus stand and have a fresh breakfast. Then go to Tahirpur Bazar by Laguna. The rent will be around BDT60 per person. Get off at the market and go straight to the boat dock. Bargaining from there, reserve a boat for one night a day. Ask the boatman to arrange lunch and dinner. Then go for grocery shopping as needed. Explaining the menu to the boatman, get on the boat for the purpose of luxury.

After visiting the Watch Tower and the water forest, you can leave for Takerghat by noon. When you will see the water of the haor has started turning blue, you will understand that you have moved around Tekerghat. Of the entire haor, only the water in the Tekerghat area is clear and blue. You can reserve a bike at Tekerghat and visit several places of interest at the same time.

Cost of Bikes for visiting Shimul Bagan, Barik Tila, Jadukata river will cost around BDT400-500. Two people can sit on a bike without a driver. You will continue to enjoy the spots and the boatman will cook for you. After visiting these places, come back to the boat and have lunch. Then rest for a while and go again to see Niladri Lake and Lakma chhara. This time you don't have to reserve a bike. Niladri Lake is just a 10 minute walk from Tekerghat. After observing the heavenly form of the lake, go to Lakmachara. It will take a maximum of 20 minutes to walk from Neeladri Lake. Lakma charra looks a lot like Bichanakandi in Sylhet during the rainy season. Return to the boat in the evening after seeing the form of Lakmachhara. Then go out to see the night beauty of Haor. Tell the boatman to arrange the dinner in the middle of the haor. Such an experience of eating in the middle of the haor will be remembered for a lifetime. Then prepare to sleep in the middle of the haor.

Come back to Tahirpur in the morning. You have to come from Tahirpur to Sunamganj Sadar as before. Then he came to Nabinagar, crossed the Surma river by ferry and went to Haluaghat. From Haluaghat you have to travel 5/6 km by rickshaw or tempo to reach a place called Dolura near the Indian border.

Come back to Sunamganj Sadar after seeing Dolura monument and after that you can have a visit to the heritage museum. You can also visit the house of Hason Raja. It will take 10-15 minutes to go by rickshaw from Sunamganj traffic point area. After visiting all the spots, you can easily return to Dhaka by night bus.

Tour Plan for One Day

Many places of interest in Sunamganj have to be left out in the one-day tour plan. However, almost all of the most beautiful places can be seen in one day. From Dhaka, take a bus directly to Sunamganj. Then come to Surma Bridge by renting an auto for BDT10 approximately.

From there you have to reserve the bike for the whole day. The rent will be from BDT1000-1200. You have to bargain well and you must mention which places you will go to. In one day, the Jadukata river, Barik Tila, Shimul Bagan and Niladri Lake can be visited very easily. However, if you have time, you can spread Lakma Charra to Niladri Lake. These are the spots that the driver should be told first to avoid trouble.

Where to Stay

Basically, tourists want to stay on boat in Sunamganj tour. However, those who cannot spend the night on the boat can book hotels also. You will find some modest hotels here. These mediocre accommodation options will provide you well decorated accommodations, good security and proper room service.

What to Eat

You will get a huge chance of eating various types of fresh fishes from haor. Don’t miss the unique taste of fresh fish in your Sunamganj tour. Moreover, you will find traditional Bengali and Indian dishes in different local restaurants. You will also get food facility from the hotel you will be staying.

So, this is all about a short brief of Sunamganj. Hope this will be helpful for your tour.

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