Amazing Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country of south-east Asia, considered as South Asia’s greenest jewel. This country is located in the delta of the Padma and Jamuna (Brahmaputra) rivers in the northeastern part of the Indian subcontinent. Bangladesh shares her land borders with the Indian states of West Bengal to the west and north, Assam to the north, Meghalaya to the north and northeast, and Tripura and Mizoram to the east. To the southeast, she shares a boundary with Myanmar. The southern part of Bangladesh opens into the Bay of Bengal.

Bangladesh holds a rich culture. It is true that, this country is established on the basis of its ethnicity and culture. In 1971, Bangladesh became an independent country, with its capital at Dhaka. Dhaka is the largest city of Bangladesh. This city is considered as political and economic hub of the country. Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world with nearly 163 million people, and its people are predominantly Muslim. The constitution declares Bangladesh a secular state while recognizing Islam as a state religion. The Bengali ethnicity, who speak in Bangla consist of 98 percent of the total population.

For smooth administration, Bangladesh is divided into eight administrative divisions and sixty-four districts. This country is considered one of the emerging and growth-leading economies, with one of the fastest real GDP growth rates in the world. GDP of Bangladesh has been ranked 39th largest in terms of market exchange rates, and 29th in terms of purchasing power parity. Moreover, per capita income of people has been ranked 143th nominally and 136th in terms of purchasing power parity. In recent years, Bangladesh has registered incredible success in reducing child mortality, population control, combating natural disasters, women empowerment, earning foreign exchange through the export of textiles, and using microcredit to alleviate poverty. Bangladesh is a land of opportunity and adventure. With terrific natural beauties and a rich culture, this country always welcomes potential travellers around the world. In recent years, this country is experiencing commercial tourism boom.

Bangladesh is called a riverine country as it braided together by more than 700 rivers, producing a vigorous landscape with more shades of green beyond imagination. This country provides an amazing opportunity to discover its natural beauties from a more unusual angle through traveling by boat. Anyone who travels on a wooden boat will be surely lost in the stunning natural beauty of Bangladesh.

Most renowned attractions of Bangladesh are the mangrove forests and Royal Bengal Tigers of the Sundarbans. Royal Bengal Tigers have become one of the trademarks of this country. These extremely impressive big cats are somewhat protected in the country as well as are stunning to take a look at. Some other attractions of Bangladesh are the archaeological sites which are interesting from a cultural and architectural point of view and can be fascinating to tour. Highlights include the Paharpur Bihar where Buddhist remained and the Shat Gambuj Mosque which is considered as the 15th-century mosques and mausoleums, located at Bagerhat. Both of the architectural beauties are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Although Bangladesh is a country with majority Muslim, its hill tracts are still home to Buddhist and Christian tribal people, and temples in Dhaka and beyond attest to the influence of Hindu culture on the country.

Moreover, Bangladesh is the home to the longest sea beach of the world, the largest tea gardens and some amazing animal life. As a further matter, the people Bangladesh are so colorful and friendly. They are famous for their welcoming culture which makes tourism in Bangladesh more beautiful. There is a lot to do here. Perhaps one of the most popular activities is that of sunning oneself on the extremely beautiful white sandy beaches of Cox’s Bazar and Teknaf. Both beaches are situated on the eastern coast of the Bay of Bengal and are relatively unpolluted by tourists making them a great place to spend vacation time. Trekking and adventure tours are also possible here in Bangladesh.

Most of the activities provide the opportunity to take in the fantastic green mountains, sparkling rivers and clear vistas. Bangladesh is a place of relaxation, to meet with people and discover so many new ideas of ways of life. Taking time of travellers will allow the country to reveal the best of itself at its own vessel.

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